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"What I find most appealing a​bout "Little Miss Prim & Proper" are the values that it highlights, the mother daughter relationship being developed which is then shared between friends, and the importance of schooling, living life, and having fun as a child.

This book reads very well and I love that it defines vocabulary not often used by younger adults. The illustrations are so fantastic that I picture my own young family members walking from the bus stop, sitting at the table doing homework, and outside playing in the grass.

The author did a great job inserting life lessons that not only young ladies are learning but young men and adults alike. It's ok to dream and aspire to be someone great. We only live once so 'Live life, love often and laugh hard'. I look forward to sharing this book with family and friends who I know will share it with others."

- Philly Lady

Words Are More Than Just Words!

As the author says in the book, "words are more than just words," and the words in "Little Miss Prim & Proper" convey so many wonderful messages not only for the young ladies of the world but for adult men and women alike! Any book which encourages young people to dream big, live full, and laugh often can only leave a positive imprint on all who are blessed to read it. It's apparent that E. Kiah-Thorpe has not forgotten what it was like to be a little girl and it's that connection, I feel, which enables her to deliver an impactful message with relevance to today's young people. The illustrations are top-notch as well! I look forward to seeing this and all of E. Kiah-Thorpe's upcoming books in schools and libraries all over the world! "Live, Love, Laugh!"

- Eugene

A great story about acceptance and keeping an open mind

In this short story the author explores each girls personality, their differences and how they find a way to become friends and how they grow from the experience. A great story about acceptance and keeping an open mind. I really like that Ms. Kiah-Thorpe used the story as an opportunity to introduce new words, with phonetic spelling and a definition so that readers can expand their vocabulary. The illustrations are well done, and bring life to the characters.

- RR

This book is fantastic for teaching social skills because it is about two ...

I am a second grade teacher at a school that specializes in teaching children with autism. This book is fantastic for teaching social skills because it is about two little girls who are different but figure out in the end that they can still be friends. It shows that kids and their families can be different in looks, personality, and values. These differences, however, are what make people unique and special. I also love that this book has great vocabulary words to teach to children. The story and illustrations are both fantastic!

- A. Rohron

Little Miss Prim & Proper is a must read. I enjoyed my daughter reading the book to me. Her and I discussed key points... all little girls need to feel good about themselves. Excellent job Miss Thorpe!!!

- O Johnson

Mrs. Kiah-Thrope uses the power of words to inspire children to celebrate their individuality. Although this book is geared to elementary students, I see life lessons that my middle school students can also learn from this book. I plan to use the life lessons to empower my K - 8 students to establish their own positive affirmations. I am looking forward to reading more of Mrs. Kiah-Thorpe's work!

- D Green

Little Miss Prim and Proper is a must have for children. My daughter's who are 6 and 8 really enjoyed the book. The way the author includes definitions on each page to assist the young readers is great and questions. The pictures are awesome too. Also the questions are great as well! Can't wait til the next edition comes out in November

- Natasha C