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Thank You for taking time to see what my work is all about! Everything I do is centered around youth development and empowerment! My overall goal is to instill the mindset that possibilities are limitless with hard work and perseverance! 

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Covering a wide array of topics including Cyber-Bullying, Affirmations, Family Values and Dreams; lets discuss what you are looking to instill and a custom presentation can be created.

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What our customers are saying

QUINTESSENTIAL, I say!!!! Little Miss Prim & Proper has so many important values that MUST be shared with our young ones and parents EVERYWHERE!!! Mrs. E Kiah-Thorpe captured the big feelings of the young characters  in this book. She identifies the feelings of disappointment and discomfort  in a child put in undesirable situations. She shows our children the importance of standing their ground on matters that are  right when encouraged to do opposite. For parents it helps you understand the importance of communicating with your child(ren) and preparing them for situations in your absence, so they can make healthy and safe choices. I think I found my daughters' bedroom theme... you can't get enough of LITTLE MISS PRIM & PROPER!!! WE LOVE IT!!!

Antara Rashida